BENEFITS OF WATER TREATMENT DRINKING WATER SYSTEMS IN Indianapolis, Franklin, Greenwood, IN and Central Indiana

Whether you are aware of your water's contamination, or just want to ensure your family's safety, it is always best to have your water tested. Having your water tested will give you and your water treatment system expert a clear look at the filtration and softening needs of your home.

Common Water Problems

Hard Water

When your home's water contains minerals it is considered "hard". This hardness effects the taste of your water as well as the efficiency. Hard water is tough on pipes as it flows through you home and can lean soap scum behind on your dishes and faucets.

Bad Taste & Odor in Water

Whether natural or man-made elements are added to your drinking water, the result may be an offensive taste and odor. The "rotten egg" odor, "swimming pool" smell and metallic taste are just some of the descriptions frequently reported by consumers.

Rust Stains

When your water contains iron, you will quickly notice rust and block colored stains on your sinks, toilets and showers. You can also notice a metallic taste or stains to your laundry. If your water appears cloudy or yellowish, it may also contain iron.


Chlorine is often added to drinking water during the treatment process as a disinfectant to reduce microorganisms. While chlorine can be a great help to drinking water, it can also have a harsh reaction with organic matter in the water. It is always better to have as much chlorine removed as possible.

With softer, cleaner water you will notice a better taste, look, and efficiency of your water and the appliance that use it.

Problems managed by water treatment include:

  • Chemical contaminants
  • Bad tasting water
  • Hard water deposits and stains