I recently purchased a home that had a older Hague water softener system but I had no idea how to set it up or if it worked at all. I met Ben at PureSoft booth during the Indianapolis home show. He had me contact him a few days later where he completely walked me through setting up the unit. Ben is a top notch guy who genuinely puts his customers first. He answered all of my questions in detail, explained how the unit worked etc. Even the staff at the office I spoke to has been fantastic. I have been extremely impressed with PureSoft Water Treatment. Highly recommended! Thanks Ben.

Great presentation and very informative. Installation was smooth and very accommodating to my schedule. Very pleasant experience. Looking forward to having great tasting clean water!

The watermax system completely changed our water from hard, dirty brown to soft and clear. Now my neighbor and several family members have purchased the system. Service is friendly and excellent.

Great company with great pricing...if you are in the market for a whole home water conditioner vs. Just a plain water softener call puresoft. 25 yr warranty and so much better than anything else on the market! Also everything gets customized to your own homes great love the feel the soap savings ect. Anyone looking to improve there homes water I would definitely call these guys!

We have the worst well water ever. We could not buy white clothes because after a few washes they were no longer white. Our showers were impossible to keep clean and even our hair suffered. Ben Lukemeyer with Puresoft arrived to give us a quote within 24 hours of our contacting their office and then turned around and installed the same day.
This is hands down THE BEST water softener we've ever used (and we've gone through our fair share). It's been installed for nearly three months and we've refilled the salt at all. Best of all, we can wear white again.

Great product, great service!

Our experience with PureSoft Water has been amazing. They were informative and made the purchasing process smooth. Ben has been available for any questions we have had and has followed up to ensure we are enjoying our system. The service technician was professional and informative. The customer service has exceeded expectations. We are so happy we chose Pure Soft Water Treatment. - Jennifer M

I had the pleasure of receiving extra special care from Ben at PureSoft. From beginning to end, he made sure my experience was comfortable and more than adequately informed me each step if the way. My water softener is very satisfying and the service was exemplary! Thank you! - Sherrice S

I recently purchased the Watermax system and it has changed our lives. We had very hard water in a recently remolded house. Our hard water was destroying our new appliances but the Watermax system has worked wonders. - Taylor C

They were amazing! From initial meeting to coming and testing our water and installing 2 days later. We have been super impressed and super happy with everything. - Danica M

My water softener went out and Ben helped me get a new one. He was very knowledgeable and made sure I got what I needed. I've already noticed a difference in my water quality. - Nathan W

Ben Lukemeyer with Pure soft water treatment was very professional and courteous. We just moved to Indiana from Florida and didn't realize how hard our water really was. Our skin was drying out and we felt like we weren't getting clean after a shower. We found Puresoft water treatment online and we couldn't be happier. After a shower we feel relaxed and refreshed and seem to not have to use as much soap or shampoo. Which saves us money and we all know every little bit counts in this day in age. We highly recommend PureSoft water treatment!!!! And ask for Ben, you won't be disappointed. - Scott R

Ben is amazing! We are highly satisfied with our water softener system and the customer service we get from PureSoft. We recommend Ben at PureSoft to all of our friends and family. - Elizabeth G

We love our PureSoft system. We didn't realize how hard our water was. We don't see the water spots anymore, hair seems healthier. Our salesman Ben was great. He was very detail on how the system works. The installation went very smooth. Highly recommend this company. - Bev V

The knowledge of Ben for these systems is unparalleled. The customer service is outstanding! Highly recommend Ben Lukemeyer and the entire PureSoft Team! - Jason S

Wonderful experience, wonderful service, and the increase in water quality with this system is phenomenal, taste and clarity were immediately better. - Daniel S

Noticed huge difference almost immediately with my water quality. Technician installing the softener was very friendly and knowledgeable, and explained everything to me. Might seem a bit expensive upfront, but over time cost will become more real since it hardly uses any salt (maybe 3 bags a year). - Michael B