I recently purchased a home that had a older Hague water softener system but I had no idea how to set it up or if it worked at all. I met Ben at PureSoft booth during the Indianapolis home show. He had me contact him a few days later where he completely walked me through setting up the unit. Ben is a top notch guy who genuinely puts his customers first. He answered all of my questions in detail, explained how the unit worked etc. Even the staff at the office I spoke to has been fantastic. I have been extremely impressed with PureSoft Water Treatment. Highly recommended! Thanks Ben.

Great presentation and very informative. Installation was smooth and very accommodating to my schedule. Very pleasant experience. Looking forward to having great tasting clean water!

The watermax system completely changed our water from hard, dirty brown to soft and clear. Now my neighbor and several family members have purchased the system. Service is friendly and excellent.

Great company with great pricing...if you are in the market for a whole home water conditioner vs. Just a plain water softener call puresoft. 25 yr warranty and so much better than anything else on the market! Also everything gets customized to your own homes great love the feel the soap savings ect. Anyone looking to improve there homes water I would definitely call these guys!

We have the worst well water ever. We could not buy white clothes because after a few washes they were no longer white. Our showers were impossible to keep clean and even our hair suffered. Ben Lukemeyer with Puresoft arrived to give us a quote within 24 hours of our contacting their office and then turned around and installed the same day.
This is hands down THE BEST water softener we've ever used (and we've gone through our fair share). It's been installed for nearly three months and we've refilled the salt at all. Best of all, we can wear white again.

Great product, great service!