• ULTRA-FIL Filter - Whole-house self-cleaning dirt and sediment filter has no cartridges to change, filtering down to nominal 20 microns - smaller than can be seen by the human eye.
  • Dual Compartment Tank - Reinforced polypropylene media tank is an exclusive patented design.
  • Control Valve - Whisper-quiet, 6-cycle, fully automatic, regenerating based on exact water used.
  • ULTRA-SOFT Fine Mesh Resin - Vacuum packed bed is situated between the top and bottom divisional flow screens for maximum treatment for hardness and iron.
  • Higher Flow Rates - Achieved by large 1¼" riser tube, 1" valve, and 1" inlet/outlet.


  • Water Quality Association's Gold Seal
  • 15-year limited warranty
  • Hague patented control valve
  • Dual compartment tank
  • Capacity guard
  • Ultra-soft fine mesh resin
  • Higher flow rates
  • Bacteriostatically protected resin bed
  • Power outage protection
  • Safety shut-off



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